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Content Marketing Writer


Get sharp content strategy &

content marketing deliverables that make readers scream “CLICK YEAH!”

Want your audience to hunt for a “Hell, yeah!”

button on their keyboard when they read your content?

As a results-driven, creative writer and content strategist, I cut through the chaos  to define your brand, connect with your best audience and cultivate your reader community for long-term growth.

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And if your company makes things better for pets, people and the planet I’ve got over a decade of B2B and B2C content marketing experience that I want to put to work for you. 

Dive into 971+ pieces of health and wellness content here. I also have deep experience in: health & wellness for pets and horses; veterinary SaaS, vet tech, pet insurance, natural products, supplements, ingredients, real estate and proptech.

I create content marketing strategies that meet your goals; compelling deliverables like case studies, blogs and white papers that grow your audience with copy that draws customers like falling burgers draw Labradors.

Brands I've helped grow include:

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KONG logo.png
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Conceptual the leadership. Think different and The concept is unique and distinctive _ One

I’m fresh. Not in the “report to detention” way (anymore), but in the creative way. It’s what you need to cut through today’s clutter and truly connect with prospective customers. I deliver innovative ideas, interesting angles and copy that keeps readers coming back for more.  

You get: creativity on tap.

I’m a recovering journalist.

With skills rooted in a master’s degree from the Columbia Journalism School, honed through years as a contributor to publications like Fortune Small Business and The Denver Post (Colorado Voices columnist), I dive into research, tell powerful stories and deliver for deadlines—no matter what. I distill complex—and potentially snooze-worthy—subjects into captivating content. Think Lois Lane with marketing chops and an inferior choice in men.

You get:

           Meticulous research

                                   & stellar storytelling.


I know your people.

If your brand lives in industries that help people, pets and the planet—or real estate—I understand your customers. I know what drives them nuts. I understand what ignites their passion. I speak their language. And I know where they live.

You get: A specialist in

                     your unique industry/market.


This ain’t my first rodeo. Proven through a decade of experience as a marketing director, agency copywriter/creative strategist and journalist, I know type by type how to create content that drives sales for national brands. That means you get someone who can not only get you the big bucks, but analyze your content needs and execute plans that meet them.

You get: Expertise.

I can see the big picture. (Even at 5’2”). I understand today’s media landscape and how and where to best reach prospective customers along the buyer’s journey. 

You get: Strategic content that cultivates brand advocacy.

I hate meetings, too. (Unless they’re on trails. With dogs.) I don’t waste your time or mine. 

When it comes to content, know what I’m doing.

You get: The stress-free experience of working with a communications veteran—and more time to run your business or marketing department.

The girl assemble big puzzle. Landscape on a picture.jpg

My horse Teddy is also an expert at making bucks.

My dog Benjamin & his pal Max convene a critical meeting. Their #1 rule:
No Zoom, just zoomies.

If you want content strategy and content marketing assets that convey your brand’s mojo in ways that make potential clients think:

 “Hallelujah! I’ve found my people!”  …

...and buy branded bumper stickers and and beer cozies…or tattoo your logo onto their face (ok, it they were temporary tattoos, but ask me about it) …

… hit the “hell, yeah button.” (AKA send me an email)

Happy Clients

"Shara is an amazing creative talent that can bring a brand to life—no matter the category. She can find and tell your brand’s story in powerful ways that get real impactful results. Her passion for sustainability is authentic and contagious—and she’s a real blast to work with. Over the years, I’ve counted on her for fresh and humorous ideas combined with impactful writing. And she’s always delivered, regardless of how complex—or potentially dry— the topic may be. I only wish we had more opportunities to work together."

- Catherine Greener, Chief Sustainability Officer, Do Good Foods

"Horse people are a special kind of crazy. Shara knows this audience inside out—and understands the best ways to connect with them, inspire them and cultivate their loyalty. Our work together at the Equine Network reached across equine disciplines and media platforms and she always found creative ways to tell stories and solve problems. A devoted horse owner herself, she may not always be able to keep her butt in the saddle, but she never fails to deliver creative, strategic ideas and content. If you’re looking to grow a brand in the equine market, don’t miss an opportunity to work with her."

- Chelsea Shaffer, Editorial Director, Equine Network

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